Auto Linear Cap Tightening Machine

Product Description:-

  • Suitable for Glass Bottles / PET Bottles / HDPE Bottles / Jerry Cans
  • Suitable for Plastic Screw Caps, Wide Mouth Caps, Flip Top Caps, etc.
  • Linear Mechanical Silicon Rubber Roller Based Cap Tightening System
  • Total 8 Numbers of Silicon Rubber Rollers with Universal Couplings
  • Vibratory Based or Centrifugal Feeder Based Plug Feeding System with Shute
  • Very Rugged & Sturdy S.S Structure with MS Cladded Base Plate
  • 7-inch Touch Screen HMI for easy operating of Machine
  • Individual Motor, Gear Box & VFD for Conveyor
  • Individual Motor, Gear Box & VFD for Cap Tightening Unit
  • Separate Electrical Panel Box
  • Stainless Steel Conveyor
  • Position Indicators for easy changeover of Different Bottle Sizes
  • Very Easy & Quick Change Over for Different SKIJ with the help of Change Parts for Caps
  • Cap Feeding Shute Full / Empty Detection Sensor
  • OUtPUt Speed Ranging from 2400 Bottles per Hour to 9000 bottles per Hour (Depending up on Bottle Shape & Size, Fill Volume and Machine Model)
  • Toughened Glass or Polycarbonate Enclosure with Safety Interlocks with Sensors (Optional)
  • No Cap Reiection System Available (Optional)
  • Cap Elevator with Sensor can be Integrated (Optional)