Auto Shrink Sleeve Applicator with Shrink Tunnel

Product Description:-

  • Suitable for Flat Surface Products, Shipper Boxes, Plastic Boxes, Caps, etc.
  • Cromo Paper Sticker Labels, Transparent Film Sticker Labels can be run on Machine
  • Servo Motor Based 1 Numbers Label Dispenser
  • Pipe Assembly for UP & DOWN Movement of Dispenser
  • Product Sensor to Detect the Object on which labels is going to apply
  • Label Gap Sensor to Detect the Gap between two labels
  • 7-inch Touch Screen HMI for easy operating of Machine
  • Separate Electrical Panel Box
  • Very Easy & Quick Change Over for Different SKU
  • Low Label Roll Alarm
  • Maximum Label Roll OD: 305 mm
  • Label Roll Core ID: 76 mm
  • Output Speed Ranging from 2400 Bottles per Hour to 9000 bottles per Hour (Depending up on Bottle Shape & Size, Fill Volume and Machine Model)