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Automatic Powder Filling Line - Auger Filler

Specification of the Equipment:

Machine’s Basics:

Product Non – Free Flow Powder
Fill Volume 50 Grams to 500 Grams
Bottles Round / Square Bottles
Caps Screw Caps
Labels Self Adhesive Sticker Labels in Roll Form
Production Speed 1200 to 1500 Bottles per Hour for 100 Grams.

Line Consist of

  •  36 Inch S.S. Turn Table with VFD for Round Bottles.
  •  Automatic Air Jet Bottle Cleaning Machine - Inverted
  •  Automatic Single or Double Head Auger Filler Machine
  •  Automatic Real to Real Conduction Foil Sealing Machine
  •  Induction Cap Sealing Head.
  •  Automatic Single Head Screw Capping Machine – Indexer Bases
  •  Automatic Wrap Around Sticker Labelling Machine – Servo Based
  •  Packing Conveyor.