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Product Details

Bottling Line for Free Flow Liquid - Suction Filler

Specification of the Equipment:

Machine’s Basics:

Product Free Flow Liquids.
Fill Volume 100 ml to 5000 ml (With the Help of Change Parts)
Bottles Round / Square Bottles
Caps Screw Caps
Labels Self Adhesive Sticker Labels in Roll Form
Production Speed 3000 to 3600 Bottles per Hour of 200 ml (Speed Depends up on the number of Filling Heads)

Line Consist of

  •  36 Inch S.S. Turn Table with VFD for Round Bottles.
  •  Automatic Bottle Cleaning Machine
  •  Automatic Volumetric Suction Filling Machine
  •  Automatic Inner Plug Placing & Pressing Machine
  •  Plug Elevator
  •  No Plug Detection & Rejection Machine
  •  Automatic Capping Machine
  •  No Cap Rejection System
  •  Cap Elevator
  •  Automatic Sticker Labelling Machine.
  •  Packing Conveyor.

  •  Filling Tank with Manifold.
  •  Polycarbonate Enclosure or Toughened Glass Enclosure in S.S. Frames with Safety Interlocks
  •  Jacketed Hopper with Motorized Stirrer
  •  Flame Proof Control Panel
  •  Hopper Level Sensor
  •  Actuator Valve with Pneumatic Fittings.

  •  Air Compressor for Compressed Air
  •  Electrical Connection
  •  Pneumatic Pipes
  •  Skilled & Un-Skilled Labor
  •  Packing Material