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Induction Cap Sealing Head

Overview of the Equipments

  •  Used for P.E, H.D.P.E, L.D.P.E, P.P, glass bottles, and other non-metallic container sealing applications.
  •  High sealing efficiency, even with some contaminants, perfect seals are attainable.
  •  Frequency inverter control system for high power and efficient operation.
  •  Water circulation cooling system. Automatic temperature protection for safety.
  •  Machine uses modular design for easy repair and maintenance.
  •  Water-cooling system uses forced internal circulation for efficiency and safety.
  •  Safe mechanical design utilizing cooling system that is isolated from the main machine component for maximum safety during operation and repairs.
  •  Can handle a wide range of cap sizes and easy to operate.
  •  Adjustable conveyor speed to match customer’s different specifications, area and sizes of containers.
  • Salient Features of the Equipments

  •  Compact all-in-one design: Easy for line relocation.
  •  Single body, "on conveyor" mounting system
  •  Front panel with easy to use membranes switches
  •  Sealing range 20mm to 120mm, Coil movement: standard 300mm
  •  Digital control panel for easy operator interface
  •  Overload protection & alarm:
  •  Over voltage, Over current, Spike & Surge, Over temperature cut off
  •  Safety switch for water floe monitoring
  •  Works smoothly with voltage fluctuations
  •  Tower type indicating flashing light system along with buzzer for fault indication.
  •  No foil detector
  •  Auto start/Auto stops arrangement/Idle/LINE Monitor
  •  Total production counter
  •  Stalled bottle detector /Bottle jamming detector
  •  Digital position indicator
  •  Conveyor stop system
  •  All monitoring systems can be turned on and off and operate independently from the rest

Technical Specification of the Equipments

Power output 2 Kw
Mains 230 V, Single phase,50 Hz.
Standby power 0.3 KW
Max. line current 10 Amps.